How will AI change your business?

We will show you how to turbo charge your business growth with AI in our hands-on workshop, design to help you get up to speed with this new technology and find ways to make it work for your business.
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What you'll learn

Turbocharge Your Business Growth with AI: A Workshop for Small Business Owners

Are you ready to transform your business and bring it into the 21st century? AI is no longer a technology of the future – it’s here, it’s accessible, and it’s revolutionising the way businesses operate. And the best part? You don’t need to be a tech expert to harness its power.

Our half-day workshop, specifically designed for small business owners, breaks down AI into bite-sized, digestible information. We take the jargon and complexity out of AI and present it in a language you understand.

Discover how AI can help your business increase efficiency, improve customer engagement, provide deeper insights and unleash innovation.

Dive into real-world applications as we explore how businesses similar to yours are leveraging AI to make critical decisions, enhance their marketing strategies and surpass their competition.

Find out how AI is reshaping your industry and how you can use this knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. Learn about the wealth of AI tools available to you and the best practices for integrating these into your business.

But that’s not all! The AI engines are only as good as the prompts they are given. Hence, we also take you through the art of prompt writing. Discover how to ask the right questions that will get you the results you need. Understand the intricacies of clarity, context, and conciseness in prompt writing through hands-on exercises.

Come away from our workshop with the confidence and competence to develop an AI strategy for your business.

We believe in equipping you with resources for continuous learning, hence we will share further resources, such as online courses, webinars and articles to ensure the learning doesn’t stop when the workshop ends.

The last segment of our workshop is a Q&A session, this is your chance to have your doubts clarified and questions answered.

All this learning, real-world examples, practical tools, expert tips, and much more, can be yours for just $97.

Join us for an enriching half-day that could change the way you do business forever. Take a step towards smarter decision-making. Let’s make your business future-ready, together!

A light vegetarian lunch will be provided (please specify any dietry requirements when booking)

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