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Our Strategy Process Overview

When we create a marketing strategy it is crafted specifically for your business and your goals. To get a winning strategy we have to delve deep into your mind and the client’s mind. Then we combine that knowledge with your core story and core offer to produce a solid foundation. Finally we add in the flair and excitement that is going to get you the results you want.

Here is our process in a nutshell…

Know Your Clients

Client Research & Competitive Intelligence

To kick things off we dive deep into the mind of your clients and understand what will cause them to take action. We also take a close look at your competitors and see if we can reverse engineer their successful actions.

Know Your Clients

All About You!

Branding & Core Story

Next up we tackle one of the most crucial aspects of your business… Your core story! People are more likely to take action if they feel connected and the best way to make that happen is with your core story and showing people what you stand for.

All About You!

Groundwork in Sales

Persuasion Essentials

Aligning your core story and marketing message is a critical element of tying in the background to cause the customer to take an action. Here we dive into creating a sales process, writing compelling copy and ensuring you are using the smoothest persuasion tactics

Groundwork in Sales

Crafting a Killer Funnel

Sales Funnels

This is an exciting module because we cover how to create a lead magnet, encouraging the first easy sale with a tripwire offer, crafting the core offer and then boosting your profits with profit maximsers.

Crafting a Killer Funnel

More Tools?

Evergreen Sales Tools

Nobody likes re-creating the proverbial wheel. So here we engineer some evergreen sales tools that you can use over and over in your business. We will make things such as email sequences, lead to customer sequences and even webinars and video sales letters!

More Tools?

Google Is Watching

Marketing Tracking

Do you like to guess where to spend your marketing budget? Nope, didn’t think so. In this module we learn not only how to track your marketing but also how to use statistics to optimise conversions and make even more money!

Google Is Watching

Getting Serious

Paid Media

Every marketers dream is to get free leads. It’s possible, but paid media allows you to get super precise and you can get predictable results. Meaning if sales are low, you open the marketing and let the leads come to you.

Getting Serious

Content Is King

Content Marketing & JV’s

Content is definitely king, but it also takes time, energy and effort to create. So you learn about the best ways to outsource as well as how to collaborate with JV’s

Content Is King

From Here To The Moon

Product Launches

In this segment we learn about the 4 different types of product launches: Instant, Momentum, Multi-Tier and Evergreen. Once we’ve learnt them all we can pick the best one for new products you bring to the market.

From Here To The Moon

Increasing Efficiency


You’ve learnt a lot, or observed us going through a lot. Now it’s time to make this whole strategy thing scalable and I’ll show you how to stack your marketing strategies to create exponential results across multiple areas of your business.

Increasing Efficiency

How Does it All Work?

It's "Who" you Know...

Whether you are just starting a business or you’ve been going for 10 years, learning more about your customers is always beneficial. Because the deeper you connect your customer’s desires to your offering the more people you attract.

We start every program with a deep dive into your customer’s mind to uncover their “why”. What is it that truly motivates your customer?

Even if you think you know your customer well, we guarantee that our process will uncover new realizations.

Fair is Fair...

Knowing your customer well is one thing, but how you treat them is key. Most people don’t like to be sold to, but they do like to buy. Why? Well, because it puts them in a position of power.

If you are willing to let your customers feel powerful you have far less work to do and everything becomes easier. 

We will guide you on how to create seamless funnels that connect your core story to your offering and in a way that feels natural to the client

Show me the money..

Not everyone runs a business to make money because some people have philanthropic and humanity-based goals.

But whatever your goal, you need to see measurable results. And that’s exactly what your strategy should deliver.

If you nail down the customer insights, create a slick funnel that truly speaks to the client’s desires and allow them to feel like they are in control of their journey your success will be limitless. 

Our strategy Packages

We have 3 packages to choose from depending on your needs and how much involvement you wish to build your marketing strategy. If you have any questions (hopefully you have lots, just reach out and we will help fill in any missing information)

marketing Strategy

Done "With" you

6 month investment

Our done-with-you package not only leaves you with a fully workable strategy you will build yourself, but you also learn how to repeat it over and over again!

marketing Strategy

Done "FOR" you

6 month investment

The done-for-you marketing strategy gets you results faster because you don’t have to learn it all and create the strategy yourself. You pay for the expertise to make it easier!

The Ultimate

Outsourced marketing director!

If you employ a marketing director in-house you’ll be looking at paying them a salary between $180k and $200k not including bonuses, superannuation, or holiday/sick pay.

How about you could get a dedicated professional marketing director with over 20 years of experience for a fraction of the cost AND no overheads? Would that be desirable?

Well, now you can!

Our ultimate outsourced marketing director package gives you all the benefits of the two above packages (Done With You and Done For You), PLUS all the implementation. So if you have limited time, why not get someone else to do the hard work?

Is outsourcing the best solution?

Let’s see below…

Your Big Staff Problem...

Employed Staff